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thinking you live without me….




So autumn has arrived!!

I cannot tell you how much i love the autumn and winter months..the snuggling in large jumpers, hot chocolate, the stunning colours of falling leaves and crisp icey mornings. Not to mention my sister’s amazing baking!

But back to SL, I have spent a great deal of time moving houses around and now have what was my Winter Lodge on a fully expanded Winter Sim, a larger house by the amazing designer Scarlet Creative and renamed Skyfall. In fact most of my recovery time at home has been playing with the internal design of the house and decorating. Of course, some time for photography has happened and when I fell in love with Dust Bunny’s 50L friday items, I knew I had to have that in a photo.



Rings: *elise* Lucrezia bento rings
Muffin & Book: Apple fall – Coffee & Muffin
Paper Pile: Dust Bunny – Cozy Reading @ Mainstore
Table & Chairs: Dust Bunny – Harvest Feast
Fire: Apple Fall – Period Fireplace in Black
Fireplace Tools: What Next

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